Susan’s favorite picks

Hi this is Susan, I know you all are wondering where does someone who lives on Maui go to eat or what do I like to do for fun?

When I get finished with massaging one of you folks, I am so hungry because working on you works up quite an appetite on me…..

One of my favorite places to go is a little place called Okazuya , I have to be honest and say its not much to look at from either the outside or the inside, that said the chef’s know how to make this hungry girl happy!  I give these guys and Gal’s a call after I pack my table up from your massage and they will typically tell me Lunch will be ready in 10 to 15 mins. Piping hot , weather it’s Mahi Mahi  with capers, Kung Pou Chicken , Mongolian Beef with a scoop of rice and some veggies or you can have Mac salad , what evas , my tummy’s gonna be happy soon, and as we say here Ono grinds (delicious) 😊

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